How does hypnosis work?

Hypnosis is such a little known subject.  It is often looked at as very odd,, even scary or dangerous!

I’m here to dispel the myths.

I would like to tell what hypnosis is and what hypnosis isn’t.

Let’s start with what it isn’t:

Hypnosis is not mind control. If you don’t have the conscious desire to change no hypnotherapist in the world can force you or say the “right words”.

Hypnosis is not manipula...

Finally the day has come. You have received your diagnosis. Phewwww... 

Now you can finally have a little more clarity. It is lupus, or fibromyalgia, or chronic fatigue, etc. 

I remember when I first got diagnosed with fibromyalgia I breathed a sigh of relief. I wasn't "crazy." There was a concrete diagnosis for the symptoms I was having. 

It took SEVEN years to finally get a diagnosis. My doctor at the time who was one...

Want to be free of those constant thoughts about food? How about those unconscious thoughts and feelings about food?

What if I told you, it’s simpler than you think?

Losing weight is often a constant struggle. Maybe you’ve tried traditional weight loss methods only to be disappointed and frustrated. Or perhaps a diet or exercise routine worked for a close friend or family member but didn’t work for you.

When it comes to...

The past few months have been intense. With everything going on in the world, it's often difficult to live our everyday lives without feeling weighed down and depressed. 

If you've been feeling shaken up, you're not alone. Today, I wanted to share some tips for clearing up the intensity in the air and for transforming anxiety into peace. I hope these tools help you find peace of mind. 

  1. Breathe in white light...

Is there a correlation between sexual trauma and chronic illness? Renowned hypnotherapist and Tedx Speaker, Danna Pycher explains in this video. Are you ready to transform your life forever? Check out for life-changing online hypnosis programs.

Danna Pycher, master hypnotherapist and TEDx presenter, explains in this webinar how the mind dictates behavior for addictions. She hosted the webinar to introduce her new upcoming group hypnosis program for weight management that is open to the public due to high demand. 

Are you ready to transform your health? Visit to learn how. 

Originally published on Wealth 

Today’s guest is hypnotherapist Danna Pycher.  Danna came to discover hypnotherapy after facing a new fatal car accident.  Going through her own transformational recovery process led her to hypnotherapy where it not only helped her heal, it also opened the door to starting a new career where she specializes in helping others with trauma and disease.  

Before pur...

Originally published on by Sarah Wilson 

I’ve analyzed autoimmune disease from all different angles, and tried to treat my own such disease from just as many angles. I’ve looked into gluten, cosmetic toxins and, of course, sugar.

When I’m asked, though, “What caused your disease?” I have to be frank and say – once all angles are ironed out – everything points to… anxiety. Or as I like to...

“I’ll try anything but hypnosis.” Even in my darkest days, I was totally turned off by hypnosis. Today, of course, I know it’s the tool that saved my life. 

A lot of the clients that come to me share the same skepticism that I once felt. I welcome, even encourage, that healthy curiosity. Hypnosis is something you have to experience for yourself. You can hear about the incredible transformations on my websi...

Originally Published in I Quit 

Tried to quit sugar but still can’t resist that tray of donuts? Is it actually all in your head?

As a hypnotherapist specializing in chronic illness and weight loss, I’ve been helping people quit sugar and transform their health for years. 

Through my practice, I’ve learned that more often than not, quitting sugar begins with the mind. And when the mind heals, the body can, too....

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