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"The most inspirational speaker I have ever had the chance to hear... I feel transformed just listening to her..."


Danna is known for her experiential speaking engagements. She has over 1 million views on her TEDx talk "Healing Illness with the Subconscious Mind." She started giving lectures to teens about tolerance as one of a handful of 3rd Generation Holocaust Descendants that are active in this field of education. As she continued speaking about the impacts of tolerance and trauma, many of the people who came to her lectures were interested in her other line of work as a hypnotherapist.
Nowadays, Danna lectures all over the world on the power of the mind, inner transformation, the link between the mind and disease, and more.  She also does a 20-30 minute full audience hypnosis demonstration so the participants actually leave transformed!
She is available as a motivational speaker for corporate meetings, conferences, and university keynotes, as well as,  a facilitator in healing and hypnosis workshops and retreats.

Motivational Speaking: Power of the Mind

Power of the Mind:  This is her story overcoming a near death accident and learning to trust in herself and forces outside herself again.   Resilience and the power of the subconscious mind is the main focus of the discussion. How to turn adversity into triumph. 


Stress Relief Programming

Hypnotherapy is what brought Danna back to life after her accident. She became so enthralled by it that she began working in it, specializing in trauma and chronic illness.  This lecture does really well in conferences and corporate engagements to teach best practices for stress relief and wellbeing. She goes over what hypnosis is, how everyone can use it, and ends with a 20 minute demonstration.

Adult Holocaust Programming

As a third generation Holocaust descendant, Danna conveys through her speaking engagements the "life lessons" she learned from her grandparents stories.  People from all walks of life leave impacted by her storytelling of a time that to her felt so distant, yet, also all too near.  Both the book, 3rd Generation and Beyond, and her cause teaching personal responsibility to young adults is discussed. 


Pre-teen and Teen Holocaust Programming for schools

These interactive discussions engage youth to understand it could have been them and that is up to us, the future generations, to take responsibility for each other.  The lecture is meant to invoke young adults into thinking for themselves and caring for others.


Week Long Holocaust Programming for schools or camps

This program is like none other currently being offered to teach Holocaust and humanitarian studies. A week long intensive course is taught through poetry, essays, and 3rd Generation and Beyond. Students and campers then create their own artistic work around chapters from the book that include: Know Your History, Perspective, and Don't Be Too Scared To Help for example.


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