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I came to hypnotherapy by accident.  Literally, a near fatal car accident.  I am passionate about this work because it saved my life.  Not only did it help me exponentially for my Post Traumatic Stress after the accident, it helped me regain focus and structure in my life.  Before pursuing this line of work, I was a reporter and producer for many years.  I learned a whole lot about people and the world through that experience which exposed me to so many varieties of individuals.  I was also fortunate enough to work in health reporting, which exposed me to new medicine and very profound health techniques.​

I practice a hybrid technique of NLP and hypnotherapy.  Using both of these methodologies hand in hand works to effectively resolve long standing issues with my clients.  These tools are invaluable, but I believe my own experiences healing from trauma and illness is what makes my coaching style priceless. 

The Transformation Clinic is a concierge of healing. We will find the way to get you back to your vibrant self. Whether that is internal with our practitioners or a referral to the appropriate doctor or service.

As we work to clear out the subconscious mind and the core emotional and internal “heavy lifting” is done, the body can finally find its way out of repetitive patterns of fight or flight and into repair mode.


Lately, Danna is a believer in teaching others how to do this work and become self-reliant. She does healing seminars called Personal Subconscious Mastery where she not only does deep healing she also teaches rapid healing techniques so you can have these healing resources forever. This is her most recommended avenue for healing as of late.

As a speaker, Danna travels the world shedding light on how our minds work. Not just in theory about how we feel, yet actionable ways to help us lift out of suffering in a sustainable way.  She is known to bring novel ideas to light and to continually leave her audiences inspired, motivated, and even with a sense of relief.

To contact Danna for private treatments, speaking engagements, certification opportunities, retreats, and other healing opportunities, please email

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Wasn't sure what I was getting myself into when I started my hypnotherapy with Danna.  I didn't expect an overwhelming amount of insight to flow out of me as it did. Danna did an excellent job of guiding me through my session and obtaining the information needed to move on from previous traumas. I cant stop praising the amazing work and recommend it to everyone. Whether you have a pressing issue, habits, trauma or want to do it for curiosity sake, DO IT! It's completely worth it!

Danna Pycher

Certified Neuro-Linguistic Hypnotherapy Coach

PSYCH K Practitioner
Author of 3rd Generation and Beyond

Motivational Speaker


Alex B.​

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