Overcoming Trauma

Overcoming Trauma

“It’s because I remembered who I was, that I became who I am.”

Many clients come to me with this question: How is it that you overcame your trauma and became functional again?

The above quote is what I always say.

I had a mission in mind. I was once an independent young woman, who in the flash of an eye had both my physical and mental health taken from me. Don’t get me wrong, many people get in automobile accidents and walk away relatively okay. It wasn’t my physical “brokenness” that bothered me, it was my mental state of full flung PTSD.

How did I overcome my obstacles? I took ACTION in a very large way. Although there were many periods of darkness, I refused to be a victim.

Although, I am back full swing into my life as a healer now, there are still many days in which obstacles fly at me and try to test my stamina. Yet, what I see everyday now is the beauty in the obstacle.

I see beauty in the struggle now. I see beauty in the sadness. Not to say I don’t experience the low emotion or the trial period, it’s just that I refuse to get angry or bitter towards something I know is here to test me.

Now, I’m in “life learning” mode. What will this period teach me now?

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