I recommend Danna Pycher for all of your mind-body health concerns . I send many of my patients struggling with chronic health conditions for a consult with Danna. Danna addresses a whole spectrum of issues that complicate wellness including,  anxiety, depression, stress, and trauma. I am so grateful to be able to trust in Danna’s expertise, professionalism, and leadership in the field of addressing the subconscious mind in healing and disease reversal.

Dr. Jelena Petkovic

I decided to contact Danna after struggling for almost two years with fibromyalgia and the last year being pretty unbearable, I noticed small differences after just the first session, a week or so after the fourth session my body pain has decreased by at least 50% in severity, I feel more mental clarity and figured out a few more things about myself. She has helped me in ways I didn’t think possible. Calling her was the best health/well-being decision I’ve ever made. Thank you endlessly. I’d give a million stars if I could.

Samantha M.


I honestly didn't know how bad my sugar addiction was until I did my first session. I would watch friends post things on Facebook about getting off of sugar and I thought, "WOW, that is amazing, and crazy and hard to believe..." I figured I didn't have many vices and so sugar was better than other worse things. One day I'm addicted to sugar and the next day I lost my desire for sugar. It was that fast! I couldn't believe the desire was gone -- which is when I could see just how much sugar has been in control and also how bad that must have been for my body.

Marisa F.

Food Freedom Program

It’s been just under a year since I started my sessions. After the 3rd one I knew I was on the road to recovery!!! From years of sexual abuse to years of anxiety and depression Danna was the only therapist that finally gave me my life back! That’s a life that I didn’t know was possible to ever experience again. It was my last session that I recalled being happy at age 3. That was a transformation that changed my life. Now I had the positive building blocks to create the life I was meant to live! I no longer dwell on the negative as my subconscious now can identify with the happy playful 3 year old . Fast forward after years of anxiety and depression. I am no longer fearful of the past!! Danna is an amazing healer! Because of her passion to help others , she truly cares !
I too, like so many others was fortunate to see her on Ted Talks.
Yes healing is a life long journey.
Thanks to Danna I’ve arrived!

Maureen L

Anxiety, Sexual Trauma

Danna was very warm, empathetic and experienced in targeting what was bothering you and helping clear it safely, quickly and effectively. She is a very caring, knowledgable person and does anything she can do to help. I'd spent time trying traditional therapy models that weren't effective and I am very glad I tried this."

Joan R.

Chronic Illness 

I saw Danna's Ted Talk and decided to contact her about hypnotherapy.  We’ve had 5 sessions so far and I have experienced so many improvements.  I am more confident, I am better able to express myself with my significant other, my sense of humor has returned, I’m enjoying my life with family and friends, and my emotions are so much clearer and so much more accessible to me.  During our last session, it actually seemed like she was directing sunshine into my brain.   I have gone for traditional therapy over the years, but I have never experienced the level of improvement that working with Danna has provided.  Thank you for your time and expertise, and for your caring heart!

Leanna T.

Food Freedom Program

I found Danna through her TedX and was blown away. I was fascinated by the idea that subconscious beliefs and past experiences could affect (and even create) physical distress. When I enrolled in Optimal Health, I was more curious than anything. Even though other people experienced transformations, I questioned if that would actually be the case for me. After the first hypnosis, sugar addiction, I literally felt like my brain was rewiring; like the need for sugar was just “turned off.” By the time the third session was released, I felt like my eating habits had completely transformed and I just wasn’t craving unhealthy food. More than anything, these sessions provide a really effective and truly easy (not in the trendy diet or quick fix kind of way) tool to get to the root of any suppressed, deep-rooted issues that simply need a little reprograming. Thank you so much Danna! So grateful for you and this program. 

Christina S.

Food Freedom Program

I think 100% that your mp3's for weight worked on me more than I can even imagine. I'm down 36 pounds already and still dropping and I literally don't crave anything unhealthy ever, not even a bit. It's like my brain was rewired. I don't need crazy amounts of salt anymore, my portions are super in control. It's amazing.

Julie C.

Food Freedom Program

The transformation I experienced was completely unexpected. I hoped there would be some effect but what I got was a completely new way of life overnight. Immediately and automatically I simply quit bad habits and started good ones. There was virtually no “effort” on my part. I was shocked by all the new wonderful feelings that accompanied this simple process.

Suzanne B.

Emotional Mastery Program

Without a doubt I can say that going through the experience of hypnosis with Danna Pycher has been the best thing I have ever done for myself. There were some unresolved issues from my childhood that were really affecting my life and although I had no expectations I decided to give hypnosis a chance. There are no words to explained the impact this therapy had and continues to have in my life. The childhood issues were resolved. In just three sessions Danna was able to get to the root of the problem and with her knowledge and skills fixed them. I highly recommend hypnosis to anyone, I believe is one of the best ways to really get to know yourself from the inside out.

I feel blessed to have been able to experience Hypnotherapy, thank you Danna you are amazing.

Jennifer L.

Childhood Trauma

Before I entered hypnotherapy. I was in a terrible state of mind. I had awful coping skills, and an unhealthy lifestyle. Danna taught me that in order to heal and succeed, you must seek forgiveness in yourself and others that have caused triggers throughout life. Her honesty and passion for what she does made it so easy to be open and honest without judgement. After almost a year of treatment I have lost most of my insecurities, self doubt and have terminated bad habits. This is the first time in my life I am genuinely happy. I will always be eternally grateful for what she has done for me. I would recommend her to anyone who wishes to have a balanced, peaceful and loving life.

Samantha B.


Just wanted to say THANK YOU so much for yesterday's session! I left feeling amazing and woke up with more positvity, focus and the energy and ability to get more done than I have in many months. It's a beautiful day and I trust you are enjoying it. Can't wait for next week, Danna!

Deborah C.

Overall wellbeing/Trauma

I went to see Danna and was not sure what to expect or what I was looking for. I knew there were things holding me back but I didn't know what they were or to what extent. Unlocking the subconscious is something we are probably not ever prepared for. As the session progressed I found myself learning a great deal about myself and a great deal about Danna herself, A healer possibly a wizard with a heart painted gold. The trauma that we know we carry inside of us we can try to work on, The trauma that lives in our subconscious is what is actually holding us back from reaching our fullest potential.

Christian B.

Being "Stuck"

I have been working with Danna for a year now and have NEVER looked back. I had been in traditional therapy for about 10 years, and was frustrated when all they could offer was a minuscule amount of support and to go on medicine. That was not the route I wanted to take being put on medicine. I was in search for a therapy where they not only talked to you but also actually took action to help you with your problems. I heard about hypnotherapy and with a simple search on the internet I found Danna. She makes you feel comfortable from the first time you walk in her office and talks you through the hypnotherapy process. On multiple occasions, when you walk out of her office, you feel super light,cleared, and like you are walking on air .She is ALWAYS there for you, even on her spare time, and that is very hard to come by with the majority of therapists. She is always searching for ways to help you find the root of the problem and has many techniques to do so. She is extremely relatable, smart, and truly caring. She is just an amazing, beautiful person (both in and out!) and is someone who truly cares about your journey and wants you to succeed in your healing process. I thank you for all that you do. It's truly a blessing to have found and work with Danna.

Michelle H.


My experience working with Danna has been amazing!. I am able to remember my past in more detail and vividly. I feel very safe and confident with her expertise and knowledge. I am specifically working on weight loss and healing many childhood areas that have caused me grief, shame and silence. The work we do is very deep and I take to hypnosis very easily.  I am so grateful to be doing this work with Danna. She is so kind, patient, delightful, funny and wise beyond her years.

Susan L.

Trauma and Weight Loss

Update on my status:  I have lost 30 pounds and been able to keep it off for over 5 months.  Ready to start Round 2 in about a week, but I need my MP3's to get me going again!  (Trying to go gluten free so I'm collecting recipes and trying them out.  I'll let you know how this goes, too! )

Kathy M.


Danna! I am 100% smoke free since the day I saw you, 7 months ago! Things are great with me. Thank you again for your help. Forever grateful...

Cheryl A.


I was depressed for many years and seeing a therapist frequently. Hypnotherapy never interested me until I was referred to come see you by a friend. I am so thankful we met and so thankful that I can feel soooo much lighter and happier about life in general. Keep on doing what you are doing. I will tell everyone about you!

Nadia Z.


Unfortunately in life, things beyond your control can effect how you turn out. I came from a dysfunctional home with substance abuse as well as emotional abuse that caused me to develop anxiety and obsessive compulsive disorder that followed me into my adult life. Danna opened me up to a whole new type of therapy which greatly helped my brain start functioning better to help it “heal,” and move towards a better quality of life. Thank you Danna for helping me and I look forward to continuing this positive journey!

Lilli S

Food Issues

I finally feel back in control of my weight and have already started to see changes in my behavior towards food. I'm more conscious of what I eat and now only eat when I'm truly hungry, not when I'm bored, sad or stressed. I can now step back, identify what I'm feeling and work towards the reason as to why I have that feeling. I now have greater sense of calmness and better balance in my life.

Micheal I.

Weight Loss

Ever since I began working with you there has been so much more clarity in my life. I came in for help with an addiction I was trying to overcome through other means and I decided to try hypnotherapy with you. Couldn't hurt, right?  Within a couple sessions the nasty addiction had a significantly less of a hold on me.  I never knew that so quickly I could feel so much better.  Thank you, thank you, thank you! You have helped save me...

Greg T.


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