Heat, Fire, Anger

 Heat, Fire, Anger

One must surely burn away residue of past hurt in order to heal and move forward in life.

Sometimes that fire is chronically burning. That fire that is always on although sometimes in low pressure and sometime crackling over can be referred to as anger.

We are all motivated in life by our emotions. Our emotions, neither good nor bad, are what propel us to take action. If we are lonely, we seek connection. If we are hungry (yes, hunger is intrinsically tied to emotions) we seek sustenance. Motivation from anger often causes us to make the worst moves or decision in how to act in our lives.

Mind Tip!

When we feel overrun by emotions, we sometimes think that we have to take action on our emotions. Yet, in reality emotions just like thoughts are transient. They change from moment to moment! We don’t have to give so much attention to our emotions as we can actually work along side them to change them.

I like to call this exercise the emotional blowout.

Step 1 is to focus on the emotion. Where does it sit? Chest? Stomach? Throat?

Step 2 Amplify the emotion. When I say amplify, I mean amplify until your whole body is overrun with this feeling. This can initially feel very uncomfortable.

Step 3 When the emotion is fully amplified, make it even bigger until it disappears.

That’s right! The energy of the emotion when it gets too big has to go somewhere and if it has no where to go will ultimately have to dissipate.

Step 4 Calibrate! How do you feel now? 

Talk to me. Fill me in on how that experience went for you.

Here’s to your burning fire, burning in the direction of joy and passion and not towards anger… Have a beautiful day!

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