Feeling shaken up? Try these 3 tips.

Feb 10, 2023

The past few months have been intense. With everything going on in the world, it's often difficult to live our everyday lives without feeling weighed down and depressed. If you've been feeling shaken up, you're not alone. Today, I wanted to share some tips for clearing up the intensity in the air and for transforming anxiety into peace. I hope these tools help you find peace of mind.





  1. Breathe in white light and breathe out black smoke: This is one of the most effective visual tools I use with my clients. It instantly calms your nervous system and tells your subconscious mind that unwanted energy is being released and positive vibrations are replacing them. Practice this visualization when you wake up, while your in the shower, while you’re on your way to work, or before you go to bed. This tool is especially helpful when you need to clear the air after a stressful conversation, a scary movie, or watching the news.

  2. Feel the pain: Rather than ignoring or suppressing unpleasant emotions, feel into them. This is another transformation tool I practice with my clients to help them move unwanted energy through them. Remember, what comes in must come out. It goes like this: Repeat over and over again: “I neither accept or reject this. I’m just not resisting it.” Whether you hold this discomfort in your chest or your head, just feel the energy move through you, leaving your body, being recycled into the air.

  3. Create energetic boundaries: When we do not create energetic boundaries, we are far more susceptible to outside stressors. However, when we have clear boundaries, we are protected and anxious vibes cannot infiltrate our space. I refer to this as the “light bubble.” Picture yourself in a bubble filled with light. When you are in this bubble, you are safe and all unwanted energy simply slides right off.

We’re living in times when practices like these are required for emotional, spiritual, and physical wellness. It might feel like peace of mind is just not attainable these days but I promise you, it is. My newest course is an incredibly effective way to calm your nervous system and feel the serenity that you deserve to feel. It's just 7 days and only $30. If you're feeling this intensity, I really encourage you to give it a try. If it's not for you, we offer a money-back guarantee. Take a deep breath and choose to feel peace of mind today. Danna

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