5 Hypnosis Hacks to Mindfulness

As entrepreneurs, we’re usually always plugged in. Our brains rarely get a break. We’re either checking emails, networking with colleagues, or creating the perfect pitch. With all the pressure that accompanies building a business, it’s essential that we feel focused, clear, and aligned.

As a hypnotherapist, I help people tap into the incredible power of the mind. Perhaps the most important part of accessing the mind is to practice some good, old-fashioned mindfulness. You’d be amazed how being present for just a few minutes a day could take your businesses and your life to the next level. Here are some of my top tips for incorporating mindfulness into everyday life:

1. Embrace stress :

We spend so much time trying to reduce stress but, in many cases, it’s actually here to help. It motivates us to meet that deadline or to follow up on that email. Most importantly, it tells us when we’ve reached our limits. Next time stress or anxiety bubbles up, just recognize the feeling. Instead of fighting it or judging it, just pay attention to it. Allow it to move through you and the feeling will dissipate.

2. Focus :

Choose a spot on the wall and focus on it. Then take five deep breathes and continue focusing on that spot. Breathe into it until your emotions feel lighter. This simple act of mindfulness takes your ability to focus to the next level and will help maintain your mental stamina throughout your work day.

3. Visualize your ideal business :

It’s amazing what some visualization can do for your business and your life. Take a few minutes each day (before you go to bed or right when you get up) and vividly picture your perfect business. How do you feel? Who are you working with? How much money are you giving and receiving? Write it down and feel the excitement bubbling up.

4. Shower Meditation :

During your morning or evening showers, turn on some uplifting music. Focus on the water as it touches your skin and the scent of the soap. Imagine that all of your worries are being washed away.

5. Mindful goal setting :

Defining your goals really means looking inside for what you want. Take a moment to get quiet. Think about what you really want. Set a clear intention for the future while being grounded in the present.

Taking care of the mind is a must when it comes to having a thriving business and a happy life. Incorporate these practices into your daily life and watch your goals manifest faster than you can working with? How much money are you giving and receiving? Write it down and feel the excitement bubbling up.

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