Gastric Bypass Weight Loss Hypnosis

Reduce your weight by releasing emotional eating and going through virtual gastric bypass to shrink portion consumption.

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A six week, transformative, program designed to help you take full control of your weight loss from the inside out.

Welcome to Hypnoband - Gastric Bypass hypnotherapy: a transformative course that will reprogram your mind and emotions. Whether you’ve been struggling with emotional eating, binge eating, sugar or carb addiction, portion control, or simply want to experience more health and happiness, this powerful hypnosis program will get to root of all these issues and transform your life.

You see, our minds and bodies already know how to heal. They just need a bit of guidance. Every aspect of our lives are a product of past beliefs and programming. We’ve all had experiences that shape the way we think, behave, and feel the way we do. All it takes is some redirection to overcome any unconscious beliefs that have been affecting your well-being.

This program has been carefully designed to help you dissolve all of the unproductive patterns that have been controlling your life and causing subconscious patterns of eating. I call the Hypnoband weight loss hypnosis on steroids!

Each week, you will receive a new hypnosis audio along with multiple emails a week with resources, tips, and check-ins.

" Wow, I didn't know how much my mental and emotional state was creating my physical issues. Thank you for bringing this to my attention and also creating the space for me to heal. " - Suzanne, Participant

The audios you will receive:

  • Emotional Eating Relief
  • Hypnoband Session 1
  • Hypnoband Session 2
  • Hypnoband Session 3
  • Hypnoband Session 4
  • Carbohydrate Control

The Benefits You Will Receive:

  • Feel as if your stomach has shrunk to the size of a golf ball.
  • Finally heal your emotional eating and unconscious binge eating behavior.
  • By finally allowing your mind to get out of fight of flight your body will be able to heal.
  • Finally feel like you can gain control of your life, health, and weight.
  • Get out of survival mode and into recovery mode!
  • You will receive a healing each week that will allow you to feel connected to yourself, deep relief, and the ability to get back to normal.


  • Food Resource Guide - includes what foods to avoid for autoimmune issues and what foods to eat.
  • Journal for mindful and conscious eating. Incredibly helpful tool.
  • Insider tips and techniques for rapid healing that I've developed over the years.


Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start?
Right now! As soon as you enroll, you’ll get an email from me and then have access to the program immediately. 

How Do I access the course?

We recommend downloading the Kajabi app straight to your iPhone or iPad. You can listen to your audios straight from the app (you may download here: Google PlayApp Store). Or you may simply login to on your computer with the username and password you created to enroll in the course. If you have questions, feel free to reach out to us at: [email protected]

You could also log in directly from your computer/laptop/desktop or via the browser your device uses by going to this link here: Course Login and when on the page, on the top right clicking on the Login option.

What if I don't love the course?

We really believe in the programs we offer and have seen incredible results; so we rarely hear any complaints. Because we believe in them so much, we offer a money back guarantee 30 days from the day of purchase, so if you don't love the course, you can get a full refund. No strings attached.

Do I have to be good at hypnosis?

There’s no such thing as not being “good” at hypnosis. Most people go in a light trance but even if it takes some time at first, know that your mind is listening to and recording everything I am saying and is, therefore, reprograming your behaviors. Your subconscious mind hears it all, even if your conscious mind is “distracted.”

Is hypnosis permanent?

Yes. Hypnosis works with your unconscious patterns. So once those patterns are resolved, it creates permanent change. Once those patterns are shifted, they are shifted for good. And you have these MP3’s forever if you need a little refresh.

How often do I listen to the hypnosis audio?

Ideally, twice a day but once a day is also very effective.

How is hypnosis different than meditation?

Hypnosis and meditation are actually very similar. Hypnosis uses a meditative trance (a relaxed state of mind). While you’re in that state of mind, the language is highly relevant to resolving any issue that we are focusing on. I like to say that hypnosis is purpose-oriented meditation: we use the relaxed state to resolve deep-rooted patterns.

Is hypnosis scary?

No, hypnosis is definitely not scary! It is, however, an incredibly effective tool for tapping into the deep-rooted patterns of the unconscious mind. You might be in a light trance but you have full control of your mind and are conscious of the suggestions being inputted. In general, if there is anything said in hypnosis that is against your moral code, your mind will reject it. It is a safe, soothing, and incredible experience.

How long will the course be open?

Forever! This course is yours. You can download the audios and listen to them at your convenience and on your device of choice.
Any questions?
Please email me at [email protected]

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Enroll in Course for $897

Meet Danna

Danna Pycher

Danna Pycher

I’m Danna Pycher, a hypnotherapist specializing in chronic illness, trauma, and weight loss. I work with people from around the world to help them overcome underlying emotional issues that have created or aggravated physical distress.

I'm here to help YOU get to the root of whatever you may be facing. It doesn't matter how long you've been struggling... your healing journey starts NOW.

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