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Recover faster from illness
symptoms, pain, and fatigue by healing the emotional distress that causes it.


This is a moment of change...

In the wake of the tumultuous past few years,
we've weathered the storm together.

Pandemics that shook the foundations of our health, losses that tested our resilience, and fears that gripped our collective consciousness. We engaged in hard conversations, confronted even harder truths, and embarked on soul-searching journeys.

The echo of uprisings reverberated, demanding change.

For some, this period seemed like watching their dreams shrink in the rear-view mirror, fading with each passing challenge. Yet, for others, these trying times unveiled a clarity of vision and a heightened desire that eclipsed any uncertainty.

You've felt the undercurrents of change, a deep desire to transform your life at its very core. But transformation requires more than just desire. It demands guidance, a map to navigate the complexities of our minds and bodies.

In order to address these chalenges, I felt like something else was needed, or better yet, something different is being demanded.

Something that wouldn't simply alleviate symptoms; but focus on addressing the root cause - the emotional distress that often manifests as physical ailments.

In this journey, I discovered a remarkable revelation – the healing power of hypnotherapy.

Hypnotherapy holds a unique mystique, a blend of ancient wisdom and modern science.
It's not just about relaxation or suggestion; it's about tapping into the subconscious, unlocking potentials we scarcely know exist.

The program I've created leverages hypnotherapy's power, but not in the ways you might expect.
It's not just a tool; it's a journey into the self, revealing and healing in ways that might seem nearly magical.

You know the frustration of surface-level solutions.
Quick fixes that promise much, but deliver very little.

Well, this program is nothing like that.
It dives deep, exploring the intricate connection between your emotional well-being and physical health.

Think about it...

Our experiences, our traumas, our joys, and our fears, they don't just reside in our memories, they manifest in our bodies, in ways we can barely comprehend.

Our minds and bodies are incredible machines, capable of self-repair and regeneration.

But they need the right programming.

Sometimes, all they need is rewriting the subconscious scripts that have held you back, replacing them with narratives of strength and well-being. 

What unfolded in the last couple of years has been truly unprecedented.

So, why not let your health be equally...


The Endless Cycle of Healing Attempts

In the intimate journey of health and healing, many have treaded the long, winding path of traditional health treatments. This path, marked by an array of medications, endless doctor visits, and a carousel of therapies, often leads to a healthy horizon that feels perpetually out of reach.

"Traditional" Healing

Mind-Body Health Recovery

The Medication Maze


The journey often begins with medications, each promising relief. Yet, this relief frequently comes with a price tag of recurring costs and potential side effects. The promise of healing often fades into the background, obscured by the struggle to balance benefits with the burdens of long-term medication use.

A Long-Term, Holistic Embrace


Mind-Body Health Recovery offers a different path—one that doesn't just meander around symptoms but seeks to embrace and address the root causes of autoimmune issues. It's a comprehensive approach, designed with the wisdom of holistic healing, aiming not just for improvement but for a lasting, permanent recovery.

The Endless Carousel of Doctor Visits


Each appointment, each therapy session, carries a shard of hope. However, the investment of time and finances in these recurring commitments often yields only small, incremental improvements. The heart grows weary as the calendar pages turn, each marked with another visit, another session, but no real definitive improvement.

The Stability of Self-Managed Care


Mind-Body Health Recovery is rooted in actionable strategies. This approach empowers you with knowledge and tools to intervene at the source of autoimmune challenges, not just manage symptoms. Through personalized plans, dietary adjustments, and lifestyle changes, each step is a stride toward lasting wellness.

The Mirage of a Permanent Solution


Perhaps the most profound challenge is the hovering mirage of a permanent solution. The journey becomes a loop of managing symptoms, on a carousel of hope and disappointment, where true healing seems just a step ever beyond reach.

A Renewed Quality of Life


Imagine a life where the chains of constant treatments and the shadow of illness no longer dictate your days. This program is not just about healing; it's about enhancing the quality of your life, freeing you from the constraints and recurring costs of traditional treatments. It's about rediscovering the joys of a vibrant, health-filled life.

BEGIN Your Mind-Body Health RECOVERY

I’m Danna Pycher, a hypnotherapist specializing in chronic illness, trauma, and weight loss. I work with people from around the world to help them overcome underlying emotional issues that have created or aggravated physical distress.

I'm here to help YOU get to the root of whatever you may be facing. It doesn't matter how long you've been struggling... your healing journey starts NOW.

Real Cases of Recovery




A Continuous Transformative Journey that will Reprogram your Mind, Body and Emotions.


In a world where our immune systems are increasingly vulnerable – affected by factors ranging from pandemics to the pressures of social media and lifestyle choices – this program addresses the root causes of a wide array of modern ailments.
Whether you’re grappling with pain, chronique fatigue, nervous system dysfunction, or simply seeking more health and happiness, our powerful program is tailored to navigate through these complexities.


Our lives, more than ever, are shaped by external stresses and internal responses, leading to a rise in autoimmune issues and illnesses. This Program aims to redirect these influences, targeting not just the symptoms, but their underlying emotional triggers.
Our minds and bodies possess an innate ability to heal, yet they require the right guidance to unlock this potential.
This program, with its foundation in hypnotherapy, offers an innovative approach to healing.
Each week, you’ll receive a new hypnosis audio, complemented by a series of resources, tips, and check-ins.
This method transcends traditional healing, offering a holistic and profound path to well-being.
Embrace a journey that goes beyond conventional methods, tapping into the power of your subconscious to create lasting change.


This is more than a course; it’s a gateway to a healthier, more balanced life.
ENROLL IN Mind-Body Health Recovery NOW

A Glimpse of what's ahead of you

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An inside look into Mind-Body, Health Recovery


The Benefits You Will Receive

These are some, amongst many, of the benefits you might expect to receive from Mind-Body Health Recovery.


1. Abandon Fight or Flight Mode

Break free from the shackles of FIGHT OR FLIGHT, allowing your mind the space it needs to embark on a transformative journey towards comprehensive healing.

2. Receive & Feel Supported

You're not alone - RECEIVE  SUPPORT and unwavering validation as you navigate the depths of your unique experience. Our expert guidance is tailored to help you find profound relief.

3. Regain Control

It's time to take the reins and GAIN CONTROL of your life and health. Empower yourself with the tools and insights needed for a transformative and sustainable journey to well-being.

4. Out of Survival into Recovery

Shift gears—move beyond mere survival and immerse yourself in the comprehensive journey of RECOVERY. Your well-being takes center stage as you embark on a path of healing, growth, and holistic restoration.

The Audios you Will Receive

You will receive a hypnotic healing audio each week that will allow you to feel connected to yourself, get deep relief, and receive the ability to be back to normal.


1. Stress Relief for Autoimmune

Discover how Hypnotherapy can help you heal your Stress with an amazing hypnotic audio lesson.

2. Pain Relief

Discover how Hypnotherapy can help you heal your pain with an amazing hypnotic audio lesson.

3. Fatigue Relief

Discover how Hypnotherapy can help you heal your Fatigue with an amazing hypnotic audio lesson.

4. Perfect Health and Vibrance

Discover how Hypnotherapy can help you achieve Perfect Health and Vibrance with an amazing hypnotic audio lesson.

5. Break-free from Limiting Beliefs

Clear all Limiting Beliefs that are holding you back from True Healing.

6. From Victim to Victor

Get Rid of the Victim Mentality that Might be Holding you Back.


This program will be updated indefinitely and your access to it will be life-time long!

Here's an example of what's ahead of you

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Hypnotic Audio Lesson


You will also receive amazing, life-changing, exclusive bonus content on various formats, increasing even more the life-time value you can extract from this program.

Food Resource Guide

Includes which foods to avoid or to eat for healing autoimmune issues.

Powerful Videos

My personal PSYCH-K video affirmations for pain relief and ultimate health.

Insider Tips

Tips and techniques, such as a Covid Healing Guide for long term symptoms.



Estimates based on the value related to life-changing content below

Weekly Hypnosis Audio Sessions

Comparable to a year's worth of sessions with a top-tier hypnotherapist.



Exclusive Email Resources and Tips

Similar to a year-long subscription to premium wellness services, offering continuous support and guidance.



Check-Ins and Support

Equivalent to weekly personalized coaching, providing tailored advice and lasting behavioral change strategies.



Comprehensive How-to Guides

Comparable to an in-depth wellness workshop with lasting materials for ongoing reference and application.



Bonus Materials and Tools

Equivalent to a collection of holistic health resources, with long-term applicability and value.



Potential for Everlasting Recovery

Unlike traditional treatments that often require ongoing costs, this program aims to provide tools for a lasting solution, potentially freeing you from the cycle of continuous treatment and associated expenses.



Enhanced Quality of Life

The comfort and joy of living illness-free, with improved overall well-being, cannot be quantified. This program offers the prospect of a healthier, more vibrant life, free from the constraints of chronic illness.



Total Yearly Estimated VALUE:


"Traditional" Treatments' COSTS

Estimates based on fairly common illnesses such as:
Chronic Fatigue, Fibromialgia and Rheumatoid Arthritis


Estimates based on an average annual cost for medications to treat common Autoimmune Illnesses.


$5k to $10k / year

Therapy (Physical or Occupational)

Assuming a rate of $100 per session and one session per week.


$5,200 / year

Doctor's Appointments

With an estimated cost of $200 per visit and one visit per month.


$2,400 / year

Diagnostic Tests

Routine blood tests and imaging might cost around.


$2k to $3k / year

Total Yearly Estimated Costs:


Gain Lifetime Access to Mind-Body Health Recovery

& All its Associated Value for a 1-time Deal of:




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Unlock the path to an
Everlasting Healthy Autoimmune System

We do not simply offer temporary fixes.

We provide a transformative journey towards lasting health and well-being.


How Hypnotherapy can Change your Life


The Power of Subconscious Healing

Explore how hypnotherapy taps into the subconscious mind, a powerful and often underutilized resource in our healing journey. This process facilitates deep-rooted change, addressing issues at their source rather than merely treating symptoms.

Releasing Past Traumas and Fears

Delve into the therapeutic role of hypnotherapy in releasing emotional blockages and limitations. Learn how this technique can help you overcome past traumas, fears, and limiting beliefs, paving the way for emotional freedom and personal growth on a completely different level.

Mind-Body Connection for Health

Discover the profound impact of hypnotherapy on physical health. Understand how the mind-body connection, reinforced through hypnotherapy, can lead to improved health outcomes, including pain relief, better sleep, and strengthened immune response.


The True Power of Hypnosis. Backed by Science.


Effectiveness in Treating Anxiety

A meta-analysis conducted on hypnosis as a treatment for anxiety found significant results. This study, which encompassed 15 studies with 17 trials, showed that hypnosis was effective in reducing anxiety symptoms. Specifically, it indicated that the average participant receiving hypnosis experienced greater anxiety reduction compared to about 79% of control participants. This effectiveness was further increased when hypnosis was combined with other psychological interventions.

Benefits in Dermatology and Depression

Hypnosis has also shown promising results in dermatology, particularly in reducing habits such as scratching and promoting skin healing without side effects. Moreover, it has been used effectively as a treatment for depression. Hypnosis in this context is found to be as effective as traditional psychological interventions for treating patterns of distorted cognition, thereby aiding in symptom reduction and building coping skills.

Application in Pain Management and Stress Reduction

Studies suggest that hypnosis can be an effective tool for managing certain painful conditions. It has shown promising results in areas such as pain management for burn victims and in reducing anxiety related to medical or dental procedures. Furthermore, when combined with technologies like Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR), hypnosis has improved outcomes in treatments for stress.


More About Hypnotherapy's Proved Efficacy



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