$347.90 USD

Emotional Mastery

A four week, transformative, program designed to help you take full control of your emotions.

Welcome to Emotional Mastery: a 30-day transformative course that will reprogram your mind and emotions. Whether you’ve been struggling with depression, anxiety, anger management, or simply want to experience more happiness, this powerful hypnosis program will get to root of all these issues and transform your life.

You see, our minds and bodies already know how to heal. They just need a bit of guidance. Every aspect of our lives are a product of past beliefs and programming. We’ve all had experiences that shape the way we think, behave, and feel the way we do. All it takes is some redirection to overcome any unconscious beliefs that have been affecting your well-being.

This program has been carefully designed to help you dissolve all of the unproductive patterns that have been controlling your life.

Each week, you will receive a new hypnosis audio along with multiple emails a week with resources, tips, check-ins.

"This was awesome, thank you so much for this! I did [the stress relief audio] on my lunch break and already feel less stressed going into my afternoon! :)" - Linda, Emotional Mastery Participant

The audios you will receive:

  • Anxiety
  • Anger Management
  • Stress Relief
  • Depression


What People Are Saying:

Unfortunately in life, things beyond your control can effect how you turn out. I came from a dysfunctional home with substance abuse as well as emotional abuse that caused me to develop anxiety and obsessive compulsive disorder that followed me into my adult life. Danna opened me up to a whole new type of therapy which greatly helped my brain start functioning better to help it “heal,” and move towards a better quality of life. Thank you Danna for helping me and I look forward to continuing this positive journey!

Lilli S

The transformation I experienced was completely unexpected. I hoped there would be some effect but what I got was a completely new way of life overnight. Immediately and automatically I simply quit bad habits and started good ones. There was virtually no “effort” on my part. I was shocked by all the new wonderful feelings that accompanied this simple process.

Suzanne B.

I saw Danna's Ted Talk and decided to contact her about hypnotherapy. We’ve had 5 sessions so far and I have experienced so many improvements. I am more confident, I am better able to express myself with my significant other, my sense of humor has returned, I’m enjoying my life with family and friends, and my emotions are so much clearer and so much more accessible to me. During our last session, it actually seemed like she was directing sunshine into my brain. I have gone for traditional therapy over the years, but I have never experienced the level of improvement that working with Danna has provided. Thank you for your time and expertise, and for your caring heart!

Leanna T.