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Sugar Addiction Hypnosis

You might think quitting sugar simply means… quitting sugar. But actually, it means giving yourself the gift of great health, a clear mind, and dissolving the need to restrict and control.

What most people don’t realize is that we’ve been programmed to want sugar at a very basic, subconscious level.

Have you been to many birthday parties where there’s no cake? We mark happy events with happy (often sugary) food, which tells our subconscious mind that sugar = happiness.

We often reach for sugary foods any time we crave the feeling of sweetness; of joy, fulfillment, and love. But sugar is only a temporary (and toxic) solution.

Your current state of health is a product of your past, of your beliefs and your programming. You can eat right, exercise, and drink all the green smoothies in the world but if you’re mind’s not on board, it will be very hard – I’d say impossible – to make sustainable, long-term change.

You could want something on a conscious level but your subconscious mind is the one running the show. It controls your instincts, behaviors and — yes — your cravings.

Starting right NOW, you can begin dissolving the need for this artificial sweetness through sugar addiction hypnosis and start experiencing the true sweetness of life, one where sugar doesn’t control you.

What People Are Saying:

I found Danna through her TedX and was blown away. I was fascinated by the idea that subconscious beliefs and past experiences could affect (and even create) physical distress. When I enrolled in Optimal Health, I was more curious than anything. Even though other people experienced transformations, I questioned if that would actually be the case for me. After the first hypnosis, sugar addiction, I literally felt like my brain was rewiring; like the need for sugar was just “turned off.” By the time the third session was released, I felt like my eating habits had completely transformed and I just wasn’t craving unhealthy food. More than anything, these sessions provide a really effective and truly easy (not in the trendy diet or quick fix kind of way) tool to get to the root of any suppressed, deep-rooted issues that simply need a little reprograming. Thank you so much Danna! So grateful for you and this program.

Christina S.

I honestly didn't know how bad my sugar addiction was until I did my first session. I would watch friends post things on Facebook about getting off of sugar and I thought, "WOW, that is amazing, and crazy and hard to believe..." I figured I didn't have many vices and so sugar was better than other worse things. One day I'm addicted to sugar and the next day I lost my desire for sugar. It was that fast! I couldn't believe the desire was gone -- which is when I could see just how much sugar has been in control and also how bad that must have been for my body.

Marisa F.