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Interviews with Danna

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TEDx Talk: Healing Illness with the Subconscious Mind

Surviving an accident was the easy part; coping with the chronic pain would prove more difficult. Danna Pycher shares her story about trauma and the transformative insight she gained that allowed her to harness the healing power of the subconscious mind. Danna Pycher is a certified Neuro-Linguistic Hypnotherapist specializing in chronic illness and trauma. She is also a motivational speaker and coach. 

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Healing Broken Hearts

Heartbreak is the worst. For every human heart that has experienced it – and I’m certain we all have at some point in our lives – we know how rough it can be. Some hearts crack wide open, some slightly shatter, all weigh heavy with the pain that comes along with opening vulnerably to love. After a breakup, we likely feel the heaviest pain, which hopefully heals with time. But despite the passing of time, the pain, trauma and fears from our past heart happenings still subconsciously irritate us. What if there were tools to lighten up our hearts and let go of the painful past? Or at least shift our emotional perspectives about it?

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Interview with Kristy Hunt

In this TRANSPARENT, educational and inspirational episode Kristy Jo and Danna discuss the following: Trauma and Injury -- releasing the pain and stress that causes illness Why you feel the way you feel Healing from pain and fatigue through emotions Dealing with addiction--alcoholism, overeating or compulsive eating, etc. Peeling away the layers of from every ailment--why reactions are the way they are Why the body creates a protective shell of body fat Clearing out anxiety and depression to eliminate addiction without ever working on addiction.

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